Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Kaptain Kimmy K Invaded MN This Weekend..

I was out of town most of the weekend but had quite a few friends out cruising the waters of Lake Minnetonka and they might have seen a curious boat or jet ski that looked like it was capsizing/half underwater. But, it was just Kaptain K and her Gigantic Arse pushing water toys to their limits. I learned the other day that her fiancee Kris Humphries hails from Hopkins, MN and went to the U of M at one point, playing basketball for the Golden Gophers. Since he was hosting a party on the rooftop of Seven the other night which I'm sure brought out the finest douches and douchettes the Twin Cities have to offer, he brought Kimmy K here to show her what summer in MN is all about. I hear they made an appearance at Fusion, hit a Twins game and hung in the Tonka/Chanhassen area a lot..making friends with a girl with unfortunate style (far right.) Apparently she loved it, and Kris tweeted "how do I convince Kim that MN is better than LA??" - which I doubt he will..but I am quite familiar with this sitch since Jeff whisked me from SoCal to Mpls and I whisked my bestie, also from SoCal - though we all met in SF - here after she married Jeff's friend from Golden Valley. Seriously..MN guys and SoCal girls work. And then you get to spend time in both places. Could Dash Mpls be next? I kind of hope so just cuz I want to hear them change the theme song for "Kourtney & Kim Take Mpls" to "I'm in Minneapolis..bitch." Doesn't quite have the same ring as Miami but..whatevs.

This exciting news even made US Magazine - and celeb visits to MN don't make it in there often:

"Kim Kardashian spent some quality time with her fiance Kris Humphries over the holiday weekend.

The E! reality star, 30, traveled to the NBA player's native Minnesota to enjoy some good ol' Midwestern fun. "Kind of obsessed with Lake Minnetonka! Boats & O's!" Kardashian tweeted July 4. "It's like Vegas on the lake over here!"

During their daytime outing, New Jersey Nets forward Humphries, 26, tweeted a photo of his bride-to-be on a jet ski. "Look at Kim tearing up the lake!" he wrote, nicknaming her "Kaptain K."

But the couple's Minnesotan adventure didn't begin there. Three days earlier, Kardashian watched her athlete beau throw out the first pitch during the Minnesota Twins baseball game.

"Kim was very nice to everyone. Fans had baseballs for the Twins players to sign but when they saw Kim by the field to watch Kris they all ran over to her to get them signed," a source tells Us Weekly. "After Kris threw the pitch they went up to one of the suites and watched the game."

The following day, the low-key duo shared lunch at Hazellewood Grill in Tonka Bay, Minn. "Had a great weekend!" Humphries tweeted afterward."

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