Thursday, May 5, 2011

Busy Busy.

Sorry I have not been blogging's been a whirlwind week. Last Thursday we took Gus to a daytime Twins game at Target was pretty chilly and luckily our season tix allow us entry to the Metropolitan Club, which is modern, amazing and delicious. We met our friend A and his son and noshed on nachos, the Vincent Burger and beers while watching the game right outside. Then that night El Jefe had his first softball game of the season, so we went to cheer him on and baby G was very cute, watching ever move daddy made while holding a softball. Perhaps he's the next Mauer Power.

Friday morning I walked Gus around Lake of the Isles with a friend who had a baby on the same day as Gus, one year later, after grabbing coffee and a yummy puppy tail at Isle Buns. Then since I had a much needed massage appt at the CBC at 4 pm and it was a lovely day, found myself lunching with Gus on the rooftop of Cafeteria and meeting two super cool moms who also like to enjoy a glass of white wine w lunch. They graciously invited me to join them and we soon realized the modern furniture up there is awesome for kids so we just sat back, chatted, drank wine and watched our boys fight over her son's toy limo. Turns out we have some friends in common and one of the ladies was going to the Midway Art Auction that night. We had been thinking of going with some friends and decided to try to find a last minute sitter, which we managed to do - a girl we had met at La Grassa last year who lives in the neighborhood and works as a nanny, turns out for many people we know. It was the first time we left him with someone we're not related to or know very well, so it was a bit strange, but turned out great. And I'm really glad we went to the Midway event "Judgement of Paris" at the Juene Lune becuase it was amazing. Probably the best space for an event in all of Minneapolis, they created gorgeous ambiance with lights, flowers, music, a lot of hip, gorgeous people and very strong cocktails that were included in the price of a ticket. I ran into my new friend from Cafeteria and a bunch of fun friends and had a fab last minute night on the town.

Saturday we made the journey down to the MOA for lunch at Crave with my bestie who has two adorable little girls and was managing them on her own all weekend without her hubby who was out of town. It was prettymuch madness, and we kept pretending we were sitting outside in Tuscany instead of outside the restaurant overlooking roller coasters with the sound of screaming kids. After lunch we took Gus down to the rides to look around..he was more interested in looking at people's shoes than the rides so hopefully I won't have to return to MOA ever again. Then we came home and started packing for our incredible month long working vacation to Marin, coming up in the next post. Stay tuned.

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