Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Weekend Highlights:

1. Kicking it off Thursday night at Fusion for Ladies Night with DJ fourfeet. Cheap sushi, cocktails, old friends, new friends, good music, lots of laughs = a good night.

2. Excellent Friday night workout at CBC followed by swim/steam/sauna/hot tub then a fantastic dinner at Cocina del Barrio - Edina..the newest location of one of my favorite restaurants in town. Everything at Barrio is super tasty, and very reasonable. I love Mexican food and they serve up the best guacamole, salsas, tacos, enchiladas, corn chowder, tamales, salads and ceviches in town. The new space at 50th and France feels more like a restaurant than a loud bar with food like the ones downtown and in LoTo St. Paul, so it was perfect to bring Gus to..he and a baby about the same age had a staring contest most of the night. Loves. 

3. Saturday late breakfast in the hood at North Washington Cafe. We took advantage of the 25+degree day (barely) and walked Gus to the downtown library, where he loves to crawl around in the kid's play area and we always meet other cool babies and their parents.

4. Delicious dinner of fish stew, bread, salad, cherry pie and perfectly paired white wine we had picked out at North Loop Liquors in our hood on the walk home to go with the meal at our friends S + C's in NE after baby G and their little guy played together all night, and making it home in time to catch Zack G on SNL, who wasn't really all that funny this time.

5. Sunday brunching in the hood again at Be'witched, across from our place. I just noticed a sign that said they were serving brunch so we checked it out and it was delish..I had the special of slow roasted pork w/ avocado, guajillo puree and salsa verde on a housemade biscuit with a mimo and coffee.

6. Meeting one of my girls for happy hour at the Independent..hadn't been there since I moved out of Uptown 3.5 years ago. They still have a pretty cheap happy hour Sundays from 3-7 pm, hipsters still hang out there.

7. Sunday night dinner at home, chillin with my guys, watching our favorite stories.."Californication," "Shamless," "Real Houswives of the OC," (I grew up there, I have to tune in..) and we checked out the new "Celebrity Apprentice" which has the strangest collection of "stars" ever assembled but is pretty entertaining.

8. Monday night spin class at CBC that kicked my a$$. Apparently you're supposed to do it more than once every 6 years. I used to spin all the time at Gorilla Sports when I lived in SF and the classes were awesome..black lights and deep house beats made it easy to sweat off all the cocktails I consumed every night, followed by In'N'Out burgers my friend and I would pork down hungover all the time at lunch since it was conveniently located way too close to our PR firm, then 5-course dinners we'd have to consume when taking writers out to restaurants. I had a sweet job. Somehow with this mix I stayed in pretty good shape, but I was also 25. Once I hit 28 its been a lot harder to keep the pounds off and since having baby G its almost impossible since I don't have the discipline to maintain a 1,000 calorie celebrity diet..but hopefully my weekly routine of spinning, cardio, yoga and pilates work outs will help a little so I don't look like a beached whale all summer.

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