Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Good News For Sunday Boozers In MN.

According to the Star Tribune, "Minn. bill permitting liquor stores to be open on Sundays, holidays advances in Senate." 

This is good news if you're like us and either: a) forget to stock up on booze on Saturday, or b) host a lot of parties and find that people often drink all your Sunday booze Saturday night. 

We were in a small liquor store the other day talking to the owners about this very topic, and they were against it because they don't want to have to work on Sundays, and don't think people would buy enough booze that day to make it worth their while. I do not agree, and this arguement that the MN Liquor Lobby came up with is really, really lame. I come from California, where you can buy booze every day, until 2 am, and it's fine. Liquor stores big and small stay in business, people buy booze when they want to - even at the gas station or CVS - and everyone is happy. I understand people - especially in Minnesota - don't like change but come on people, this is ridiculous and its high time this law changed. When you have people driving to another state that takes about 45 minutes to get to from Minneapolis (Wisconsin) to buy booze on Sundays, you know its time to change your outdated, puritan rules.

And while it might suck for some mom and pop shop owners who don't want to work 7 days a week (boo-frickin-hoo), they will still have the option to stay closed, or only open for certain hours of the day. Or here's a novel idea: be like every other business owner  in the world and hire someone else to work those days you don't feel like dragging your lazy ass out of bed. If you haven't noticed, a few people need jobs right now and I don't think they'd mind selling booze on Sundays. Their argument is basically, "we are lazy and don't like change, so let's fight to keep this law that is ridiculous and stupid."

Maybe just stores like Rainbow, Trader Joe's, Byerly's, CostCo, etc. should stay open so if you go grocery shopping, you can go to their booze section (which can't be located in the same store, also insane) to grab some wine to have with dinner Sunday nights. I'm sure that during football season, liquor stores are missing out on a lot of money because people would go buy more beer that's not that 3-2 shiz..the dumbest concept in the world. I would definitely stumble my way down the street in my hood to pick up more bubbly for Mimo Sundays on my roof deck in the summer if the stores stayed open. And I know people would go and buy booze that say they wouldn't is just madness.

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