Friday, March 11, 2011

Currently Craving: A Trip To South Beach

March always gives me a bad case of Miami Fever since the four times I've visited have been at the end of March, for Winter Music Conference. It's really the perfect time to leave the slush of MN behind and head down to the land of spray tans, silicone and guidos. No wonder Snooki fit right in. WMC is actually taking place right now and I have a lot of househead friends who are down there living it up. I'm not all that upset to be missing the music..even though I love hearing new DJs, being Kaskade's VIP at the best parties in town and chilling at pool parties where you can sip an $18 daquari in the pool while listening to some of the best dance music in the world, I really just love South Beach. There's nowhere else like it. The art deco design, gorgeous hotels, overpriced slushy cocktails, white sand beaches, Cuban food, infiniti pools, tacos, warm nights, palm trees swaying in the breeze and sparkling green water you can float all day in all add up to an amazing place to visit for a few days. We are contemplating bringing Gus down there in a few weeks and mostly just chilling at the pool and on the beach, but would be nice to walk him around Lincoln Road and through the historic Spanish district, dining al fresco. I want to see what its like when WMC is not happening since that week is always madness and things should be a little more chill. One time we stayed a couple of extra days past WMC and wound up eating at Danny Devito's restaurant which was really good, and sipped fruity cocktails by the pool overlooking the ocean, which was awesome. And due to my new love of "Real Houswives of Miami," I want to head into Miami and check out the art galleries and city of Miami, which we've never done before. Sun Country has some really cheap flights $129 each way starting April 5..I think we might have to just go there. It's been two years since our last's time.

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