Thursday, February 17, 2011

Date Night at D'Amico Restaurants

Last Friday, we were trying to decide where to have dinner to celebrate Valentine's sans Baby G. I really want to try Heidi's that recently re-opened in Lyn-Lake but we waited too long and couldn't get a ressie, so wound up sitting at the bar at 112 Eatery - always a fantastic choice. We had talked about going to Lurcat for miso sea bass, which is quite delicious. But then I remembered we celebrated VDay there last year, using a $100 gift card they sent us because our waitress at D'Amico Kitchen at the Chambers had spilled my virgin bellini all over Jefe during my birthday party there with 10 friends in October of '09, when I was prego (thus the virgin bellini, der.) And I looked online and saw that they had raised the price of the miso sea bass to $34. Now, I am not a cheapskate and am willing to pay for good food, but that is just beyond ridic pricing for MN. Perhaps we were spoiled when we got on a little kick of going to Lurcat all the time a couple of years ago when they decided to extend their Restaurant Week deal of $30 for a 3-course-meal for several months, and we could get a salad or yummy little app, the sea bass and hot cinnamon mini-donuts for $30. Now that is a deal. But the economy wasn't doing too well and I guess they were just trying to get people in there..which we took full advantage of.

Luckily, they have come up with another fantastic deal for Sunday date night, starting February 20th and taking place every Sunday thereafter, and I plan to take full advantage of this deal as well: You and your spouse/date/lovah/bestie/friend/frenemy/dog/cat (jk) can share a 3-course-meal and a bottle of wine for $50 at any D'Amico Restaurant - Parma 8200, CafĂ© & Bar Lurcat, D’Amico Kitchen, D’Amico & Sons, Campiello, and MASA.

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