Friday, February 25, 2011

Charlie Sheen Is One Crazy Mother F*cker.

His rant to a radio show yesterday is pretty hilarious - he says he cured himself of his addictions by blinking, has poetry in his fingertips and prettymuch thinks he is the most amazing person who has ever lived and everyone else is a loser. Read some of the highlights here. It's almost impossible to follow his rant since he is completely insane and drugs have obvi ruined what few brain cells he had to begin with. I have never watched an episode of "2.5 Men" but have seen enough (about 30 seconds) to know it is the worst show on television, a horrible, formulaic, badly acted sitcom. The fact that its the most watched show just means Americans have horrible taste, and the fact that its on CBS means its all old people watching. It's better for everyone that this show is finally going away, leaving Charlie free to cavort with his porn "goddesses," spend the ricoculous amounts of money they payed him for that show and continue his path to imminent self-destruction.

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