Thursday, January 7, 2010


According to the New York Times, Jay Leno's 10 pm show has been a complete failure (shocking, I know) and the idiotic, completely useless execs at NBC are considering putting him back on "The Tonight Show" at 11:30 pm after the Olympics. Attention NBC Execs Who Have Their Heads Up Their Asses: Jay. Leno. Is. Not. Funny. Everyone Hates Him Except Southern Bumpkins, People With Zero Sense Of Humor And People Over The Age Of 85. You can tell that even the celebs who have to be interviewed by him feel uncomfortable and don't want to be sitting in that chair - and they are actors. Everyone loves Conan, who is actually talented and hilarious. Please, Leno, for the love of God and everyone in America: JUST GO AWAY!

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