Monday, June 27, 2011

Yes, The Rumors Are True. Save The Date: Friday, August 19th For The VIMLAB BOAT PARTY

The last VimLab boat party I threw was in August, 2009. I was prego and drinking soda water :| Still fun, but not ideal. I took last year off to hang with my sweet lil' Baby G, but this year I'm ready to bring back the VimLab Boat Party for one and only one magical night this summer, and I plan to have many fun friends aboard. So save the date, Friday, August 19th from 9pm-midnight and plan to get yo'self on the best yacht party of the summer. More details coming soon..stay tuned. (More photos here.)

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  1. The final one last year with (Nik Gunz/Alexander East/Chris Quadrant) was so much fun.