Friday, June 10, 2011

A Win/Win, Walking & Weather

Yesterday I got a long overdue thai yoga massage at the Calhoun Beach Club from my favorite masseuse Azahri, who is awesome, and during the massage he said he could tell I'd lost weight and my legs have gotten stronger. This is what I would consider a "win/win" or as CSheen would say, "Winning!!" Apparently relying on the Marin Transit bus system and my own two legs to get myself and Gus around the Bay Area every day for a month paid off. I am not really good at self discipline, getting to the gym every day or dieting and I love food, wine and lounging, so the only way I've managed to lose about 15 pounds in the last few months is to walk. Like a ridiculous amount. It's easier to do when you have no other form of transpo, but I'm trying to incorporate my walking ways into life back here in Mpls too.

For some reason on Tuesday of this week when it was 103 degrees outside, I decided to walk Gus down to the central library to pick up a book I had on hold, stopped by the Barrio taco truck parked at 1st Ave and 4th street for delicious soft crab tacos with watermelon gazpacho, then got us to the cool air conditioned haven of Macy's downtown to shop for a new swimsuit and make-up, and back home again along the river. Which I then had to follow up with a chilled glass or four of rose up on the roofdeck to recover. It was exhausting and I probably sweated out about 3 pounds but I'm glad I took advantage of the few real summer days we've had this strange weather week, since today and yesterday felt like fall and Wednesday felt like spring. It was prettymuch a perfect day, and G and I enjoyed it by walking along the river, lunching at Sea Salt, checking out the Minnehaha Falls, cruising in the convertible along a full Minnehaha creek (which makes me want to kayak down it again like we did a few years ago), then taking a dip in the outdoor pool at the Calhoun Beach Club. Lovely. And today is a bit chilly, perfect for staying inside and blogging about winning, walking and the weather.

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