Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Strange MN Version of "The Truman Show"

Ummm, I just heard about this chubby guy who is living in a glass box at the MOA for a month. My first thought was: "that is my personal hell." Even though I enjoy shopping, the MOA is a hellacious place, way too big, annoying to get to, I always get super thirsty (I swear they make it so dry in malls so you have to buy their stupid Orange Juliuses or overpriced sodas), and I can usually only manage to go between Nordstrom and Macy's to H&M, Club Monaco and once in a while if I'm feeling adventurous, to the Forever 21 Accessories store before MOA exhaustion sets in.

So why is this guy living there? After visiting the website, I'm still not really sure. Apparently he is "The Human Do.ing" - a strange "Truman Show" - esque campaign for Blue Cross where he tries to live a more healthful life for a month. You can vote on activities you want to watch him do such as "chair push-ups" inside his glass box, inside the ginormous, ugly box that made MN famous, the MOA. And then he video blogs about each day. Oh gaaaaaash, you betchya. While I think the Do campaign that encourages people to be more active and healthy is a good one, this little stunt just seems kind lame and Minnesoooooota to me. Like, nobody would ever do this in Cali or New York. I guess maybe some fatties will be encouraged to be more active by voting, then watching a chubster live in a mall for a month.  If he bounces a rubber ball, they are supposed to do the same. And I guess bouncing a rubber ball is better than doing nothing. I already go to the gym several times a week and do a mix of cardio, yoga, pilates, spinning and swimming, enjoy walking/biking/hiking when it's not freezing outside, and eat healthy foods, so seeing this just gives me more questions, such as: Is he eating in the food court? Cuz you'd have to do a lot of "basketball dribbles" to work that shiz off.

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